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Experience You Can Trust!  Broker & Owner with 35 years Experience!

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Sell My House Fast

Are you Downsizing? Upsizing? Selling your property fast is our specialty. Our team provides you with all your options for your review and we offer custom packages to people who want or need to sell their house quick. Sell my house fast is achievable however, are goal is to ensure your get the highest price too!

Our team will give you an educated opinion on what your house should be priced at and approximately how long it should take to sell.

We are dedicated to provide our clients a fast sale with full service. We will do our very best to work within your timelines or new house purchases, giving you peace of mind in whichever situation you are in.

We are ready to meet with you whenever you are ready.  Call Mike Mifsud at 705.321.0132



The EQUITY in your HOME is like any other Investment – it needs to be monitored and updated.
Homeowners should have their Home evaluated minimum once a year.
Now might be a good time because market values are on the rise...
And it is FREE, WITH NO OBLIGATION!  CLICK HERE and simply fill in your address and you will receive a complimentary evaluation of your home or condo delivered straight to your email inbox.

Get More For Your Home

We proactively marketing your Property and use creative advertising techniques to get you the top sale price for your home. I am confident that we can sell your home within a reasonable period of time and get the most value for you.

Sell first, then buy?  The question most sellers face is whether to buy a their new home before selling their current home. In general, it may avoid disappointment to sell before you buy. There is a very good chance of being bumped out of your conditional purchase when inventory is low.  However, in a competitive market, you may lose out on the home you really want if you choose to wait for your home to sell.  

When it comes to negotiating, we are experts. We have the training and experience plus our third party status helps us act as a go-between for you, your buyer and their Realtor, to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion.

WORKING FOR YOU, keeping YOUR BEST INTEREST in mind. As trained professionals, we know what properties are selling for. We know what the market demand is. We work to ensure your happiness and build customer satisfaction. We work as a team so we can be in many places at once! We know how to advise you on making your home look its absolute best. Your Home should be presented in the most appealing manner to be SOLD! We will give you helpful advice and guidance to help get your Home sold quickly and profitably. We will provide you with smart economical advice in preparing your home for sale. Don't spend unnecessary money renovating your home!

Home Staging.  We will provide you with professional home staging advise. Hold off on that renovation until you contact us. We can advise you on what will help sell your home and what renovations may or may not be a good idea to complete. We constantly work with Buyers and Sellers and have a better idea of what they are looking for. Remember, Buyers have their own ideas as to what they like and dislike!

Professional Photography. Your home will stand out from the competition with high quality photos offered by our trusted local professional photographers. According to the 2014 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 92% of all homebuyers used the Internet as an information source for their home search process.

Marketing Your Home. Gorgeous photographs, video walk-throughs, perfect floor plans—buyers want it all. We can develop a full-blown marketing plan, including social media and a strong online presence. “People are doing so much more research ahead of time, going through listings online, and weeding out properties before they see them,”  This is especially true of millennial first-time buyers, who have grown up with information on demand.

Drone Videography and Photography. This is a great tool to showcase your large property or luxury home.  Buyers enjoy a High Resolution 4K Aerial Video & Photo experience, using UAV / Drone.


Open Houses.  Open houses are a great way for potential buyers to view your home in a more informal setting. However, there are people that may not have the same duty of care when they are not in their home.  We take extra precautions to provide a safe and secure visit of your property. Your security is our top priority. 

Virtual Tours and Videography. Video Tours are a great way to market your home. Video Tours offer the buyer an inside look at the layout of the listing, letting them get a feel of the property. Our Video Tours are submitted on our YouTube channel, Web Site, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and Google Plus and we provide a link on MLS.

Feature Sheets. Our Listing clients receive professionally designed, full-colour, feature sheets. We care about the Environment! so we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Unfortunately, we do not provide bulky booklets or magazines. The information other than that of your home that can be easily downloaded online or emailed. Also, when is the last time you played a dvd. Videos are available in almost every paperless format.

If you are thinking about selling your home, let us provide you with a Current Market Analysis (CMA) of your property. This will give you the information necessary for you to better understand the market conditions around you.

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