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Our House Selling Service

Why Work with me to Sell Your Home?

The Agent that you hire can Save you thousands!  Here's why...

Selling your home is much more than putting a sign on your front lawn or advertising and marketing of your home.  Anyone can do that!

Choosing the best agent is vital when it comes to truly saving money and getting the highest price for your home!  Why?  Selling a home is a complicated process and not all home sales are alike.  

You want to make sure your agent knows what they're doing.  In a hot market you want to maximize your exposure to the entire market so that you get buyers competing for your home and sell it for the highest possible price.  Sellers that try to sell their homes themselves can lose thousands because they didn't get maximum exposure or don't know how to handle competitive bids to their advantage.  A good agent does!

Sure advertising and marketing are important, market conditions, location, price and conditional of your home all contribute to the sale of your home.  However, the true aim is to get a buyer or buyers interested in your property to the point where they submit you an offer.  That's really the goal!

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is definitely the biggest contributor for marketing your home and exposure to thousands of agents. 

What Counts is getting The Offer

Receiving an offer from an interested Buyer is really what you want.  It's what matters most.  Here's where the Buyer's agent's job is to do more than just do up the paperwork.  A good agent will speak to the seller's agent and gain as much information as possible about the home, buyer concerns, closing date requirements, competitive offers. They will consider current market conditions and see how many days on average a home in the area takes to sell, research the area, look at recent sales of comparable homes and other factors. Then advise their buyer the best way to structure the offer for success, insert only relevant legal clauses and conditions and negotiate against the Seller and the Seller's agent for the best deal and terms possible for them the Buyer.  

It's your agent's job to to the same for you.  For most sellers getting the highest price possible is most important, but in many cases there are other considerations such as; closing date requirements, buying another home, maritial split, tenants etc. Ensuring that the terms and conditions are in place and are in your best interest is also important.  I've seen many deals fall apart because the agent did not handle the "details" properly.  

In my 34 years as a Realtor I have gained the knowledge and experience to negotiate the Best Deal for you!   Get Experience You Can Trust!


Here are just some of the things we do to sell your home!

We utilize state of the art technology to market your home!

· 360̊  3D Interactive Video Tour   (Click to see sample tour)
· 2D floor plans of your home  
· Complimentary Staging

· Colour Brochures  
· Maximum internet exposure  
· Weekly Advertising  

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